Rebecca Watson

Curiosity, Aroused: The Pilot

In Shows on December 16, 2007 at 2:09 pm

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Gas station ghosts, lipstick-eating children, chimpanzees hurling poo, dogs sending telegraphs, psychic hands, and bodonkadonk.

Segments of Particular Interest:
A Slightly More Skeptical Analysis of the News: Lead in Lipstick?
Urban Legends: The Curse of Superman!
Rebecca Visits a Psychic Faire

Special Guests Who Make Special Appearances:
Stacy Malkan, Author and Activist
Jim Aidala, Toxic Substance Expert
Richard Saunders, Australian Mystery Investigator
Richard Wiseman, Quirkologist
Richard and Peggy Watson, Parents

Music You May Notice and Enjoy:
Alpha Beta Gaga by Air
Walking in the Snow with Russians by Ice Core Scientist
Dark Eyes by Devotchka
Pink Batman by Don Deacon
Saturday by Electrelane
Pale Blue Dot by Ice Core Scientist
How We’d Look on Paper by The Main Drag
Sleeper Agent (Just Waking Up) by Hallelujah the Hills

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Richard Paul, Producer
Mike Wilkins, Engineer
John Huntington, Sound Editor
Public Radio Exchange, Contest Holders
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Money Givers

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